Since we have been doing a lot of arm balancing lately I thought it would be a good idea to incorporate some counter poses. So, today we are going to go through a series of shoulder openers, this is a great series, and counter stretches if you have been practicing arm balances or inversions. It is really important to stretch your shoulders. Breath deeply into the right side of the body, creating more space with each breath. Reach the right arm up as high as possible. Wrap the left arm behind the back, and use the strap if needed. Interlace the fingers while holding onto the strap and remember to lift up nice and tall. Draw your throat back and breath, at least three of four breaths.

The longer you hold the stretch the more release you get. When you are ready release the arms and do some circle stretches. Pull the low ribs in, tuck your chin slightly and breath. If you have done a lot of planks or arm balancing your shoulders could be pretty tight. We will also do another easy shoulder opener which is a passive stretch. This is a great pose to do anytime. Keep the knees underneath the hips and fold your arms over one another. Stay here as long as you like and stretch out the wrists afterward as needed.

Thanks again for watching and sharing with your friends.