Thanks to one of our students who requested us to demonstrate Chin Head Stand. Today we are working towards an inversion called Ganda Bherundasana. This could be a little intimidating, so we will be showing a way to get started that might be a little bit easier. Make sure you are grounded and stable before starting to lift. Check your position as you move around. Make sure your shoulders are supported. Ease your shoulders into it and when you feel comfortable walk as close as you can, then slowly lift one leg, then press with the other foot, pressing palms down actively to give you a foundation and some solid grounding. Come back down slowly the same way. Take a child’s pose to rest the body, any variation that is most comfortable. Practice at whatever step you are at and slowly work towards reaching your legs all the way up.

Thanks for watching and sending in your requests and comments. Next week we will learn how to do crow as well as have some shoulder opening counter poses that are great to do after these types of inversions.

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